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“One of the biggest benefits of having Nic as my coach was having an accountability partner. Our regular check-ins gave me an incentive to stay on track and follow through on actions with more discipline. In addition, working with Nic allowed me to fully explore the possibilities that lay ahead.” Darren

“Coaching with Nic was a life-enhancing experience that as helped me grow and develop in key areas of my life. His questioning both supported and challenged me in identifying and working towards goals that were important to me, and enabled me to acknowledge and draw on my strengths, whilst challenging some long held limiting beliefs. His calm and thoughtful approach allowed time and space for fledging ideas to expand and develop into achievable goals.” Jean

“I found working with Nic to be really insightful. I was shown effective tools to use when goal setting and uncovered what stumbling blocks were holding me back and why. It felt like therapy a lot of the time in understanding my own core values. I still use the techniques today and have found them to positively impact my career.” Joel

“My sessions with Nic were extremely productive in helping me move forward in my journey of finding a new job. Setting goals and creating actions enabled me to focus more clearly on what I wanted and raised my self-awareness to understand what was not happening, as at one point I was stuck and unable to know what to do next. Thank you Nic.” Clare


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