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Do you want to be better today than you were yesterday, and tomorrow than you are today? Then you’re in the right place! is where I share content on personal development, relationships and leadership for those who want to be better, achieve their goals, and succeed in life.

Young people, parents, leaders and entrepreneurs have a significant responsibility within society, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. And even if things are going well, we all know that life circumstances can change in a moment.

Without learning to adapt it can feel hard to cope with what life throws at you. I know, as over the years I’ve faced setbacks where I didn’t cope too well, made some mistakes, and have had to live with the cost of my decisions and actions.

But now, starting with the way I think, I do things differently as I recognise the impact my thoughts have on my life. I’ve also learnt to see the benefits of having a good support network in place and the importance of being accountable to others facing similar life challenges.

As it has for me, life will present you with many opportunities for growth, but it’ll be through your willingness to be vulnerable to others and your ability to embrace your failings and successes, that you’ll be able to learn from them.

So, are you willing to embrace and learn from yours in order to become the best you can be and achive your goals?

“Nic’s professional manner and considered gentle nature, paved the way to facilitate my emotional growth, assisting me in working through personal issues that had been plaguing me for many years.”

Samantha McDonald

Strengths Strategy Coach & Business Development Partner of Strengths Strategy

I’m here to help you succeed

I get excited about working with people who are committed to their personal development, ready to achieve their goals and who want to see better results in their life.

As a Counsellor and Life Coach, I’m privileged to play a part in the success of others, and take real pride in helping them work towards positive change.

Whether its making decisions about your future, improving parenting skills, becoming a more effective leader, or getting better business results, when working with me you can expect a safe and confidential space where you’re supported, challenged, encouraged to be honest and held accountable.

A relationship that’ll help you to shift the way you think, grow in confidence and tweak your behaviour, means you’ll have what it takes to reach your goals, achieve more and make the most of your life.

Sound good to you?

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“I looked forward to every session with Nic knowing that I was going to make progress in my professional and personal life. I have become a better leader, husband and father through Nic’s patient and exploratory approach in helping me to reach my goals.”

Darren Goode

English Lead Practitioner and Edupreneur

My Story

As a teenager through to early adulthood, I disliked myself and had neither the knowledge or confidence to recognise or do anything about it.

Lonely, desperate and feeling like life was without meaning, I struggled with depression and self-destructive behaviour as a way of coping and attempting to escape the pain I felt.

During those difficult years I found faith, which continues to be an instrumental part of my life to this day. But faith on its own wasn’t the answer, I also needed the support and input of others.

I later trained as a Person-Centred Counsellor before going on to qualify as a Personal Performance Coach. This started what continues to be a journey of self-discovery, healing and growth.

I believe that we all have the potential to change. I also believe that this potential is hindered by a natural capacity to make poor life choices that impact ourselves and others.

As a Counsellor and Life Coach, I’m committed to helping young people, parents, leaders and entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, make good choices, and achieve their goals.

I’m now married with four children and enjoy fitness training, photography and binging on Netflix dramas with a bag of popcorn by my side!

Counselling Testimonials

“Nic was non-judgemental and quickly understood the difficulties I was facing.

He provided thought provoking ideas and challenged me to think deeply about what I wanted.

This helped me to make sustainable changes, both personally and professionally, to achieve a much more contented life.

I enjoyed working with Nic and have taken a huge amount away from the sessions.”


“Nic has been a genuine lifesaver for me. When I initially started my sessions with him, I was in one of the worst spots I had ever been in, mentally.

However, through the weekly sessions he helped me change my outlook on things and was incredibly accepting of my quirks.”


“Keep on doing what you’re doing. You helped me immesuarably.”


“Nic helped me to focus and deal with the issues that needed attention – the things I had been disregarding to cope with my pain in recent years.

Although the experience was hard, touching on very sensitive topics, Nic challenged me gently to really consider much better coping and management techniques – which are proving to be really successful. Many thanks.”


Get in touch to talk about how working together can help you to make the changes you want to see!

Book your FREE 20-minute Exploration Call

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