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Have you ever noticed how people warm to leaders who are open about their weaknesses?

The effectiveness of your leadership can be determined by your level of vulnerability, because there’s something quite endearing about a leader who can temper their emotions, whilst being transparent.

You see, despite knowing your limitations, you’re capable of leading those who follow you because what people are looking for isn’t perfection, but a commitment to progress.

This is because people know intrinsically that perfection is unattainable, and are therefore suspicious of anybody who presents perfection, or who has unrealistic expectations of others.

Part of your role as a leader is to foster an environment where those who follow you feel safe to acknowledge their weaknesses without fear of judgment — to be okay with their authentic self.

By modelling vulnerability, you’ll give permission for others to do the same, helping them to see that progress towards a better version of themselves should be the aim, not perfection. One is attainable, the other just leads to disheartenment.

Question: In what contexts might you need to consider being more vulnerable?

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