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One of the most important things we can do today, and indeed in life, is to make a positive contribution to the life of others.

You-Make-a-DifferenceIt may be allowing someone to pick our brain about an area that we’re more adept in.

It could be that what we offer is a word of affirmation or a willingness to listen to a person in need of encouragement and care.

But in the case of some, our contribution may be a sharp rebuke or the kick up the backside that helps them to move in the right direction, or narrowly miss the biggest mistake of their life.

Think about that for a moment.

Just as others have played a role in making a difference in our lives, its fair to say that we have the joyous opportunity to better the life of someone else today by giving something of ourselves back.

As a parent, teacher, team leader, pastor, friend or coach, you have a significant part to play in the lives of those you interact with from day-to-day.

Yes, you make a difference.

So with that in mind, whatever your contribution, be certain to make it both intentional and positive, knowing that you’re helping to shape the future.

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