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Despite what you may think, feel, or have been told, and though it may sound sickeningly cheesy, it’s true – you’re beautiful and you have beauty within!

You Are Beautiful and You Have Beauty Within

Being a portrait photographer, I loved this creative piece on beauty by Karen Walrond the moment I came across it over at Upworthy.

In her short video, Karen Walrond counters the illusion of beauty as perfection — so often portrayed by the media — and in doing so affirms the beauty of ordinary women.

Along with her imagery she gives ten points to consider including:

  1. You are different, not flawed
  2. If you feel good in something, wear it
  3. To experience joy, be vulnerable
  4. Maintain a healthy perspective
  5. Confidence is attractive
  6. Breathe
  7. Express yourself
  8. Embrace possibilities
  9. Look for what is wonderful
  10. Define your own story

Have a watch, enjoy, embrace your beauty, and share with others.

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