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The mobile phone has become a huge part of our daily lives. For some though, the part they play may be causing them to miss out on more than they realise — or would want!

What’s-Being-Missed-When-You’re-on-Your-Mobile-PhoneI’ve often been guilty of being distracted by my mobile phone.

On countless occasions I’ve caught myself being glued to my device while a loved one has tried to get my attention.

Let’s face it, many of us have been there!

But after watching this video by Charlene deGuzman, I was once again challenged to look at myself, and reminded of the importance of managing my mobile phone (and electronic device) use.

She was inspired to make the short video after going to a concert where the audience spent the whole time taking photos and videos on their smartphones, ‘rather than enjoying the real-life experience’.

Truth is, our excessive use of the mobile phone results in us missing out ‘in the moment’, embracing our surroundings, and most importantly, of enjoying others and giving our best to those around us.

It’s a sad reality that if we’re not careful, the mobile phone can be a significant distraction that causes us to miss out on what matters to us most, at the most important times.

Have a watch and then ask yourself the questions:

  • What am I missing out on when I’m on my mobile phone?
  • Who is missing out on me?

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