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It can be a scary thought to consider that we reproduce what we are.

As a father this has often brought me to place of self-reflection and been the topic of much discussion with my wife.

For as with parenting, as those who lead, its important to consider two things;

  1. who we choose to follow, and
  2. what we model as leaders.

It’s a given that we should seek to follow those who display good character. Women and men of courage and integrity. Those committed to a purpose beyond themselves, and who take responsibility for their own growth and the development of others.

And as we lead, we ought to consider what it is that we model.

For as we show loyalty others will be loyal. As we show courage others will attempt exploits. As we remain transparent, others will show integrity. As we graciously respond to failure and success, so too will others become those who overcome.

So as we look in the mirror we should ask ourselves the question ‘Who am I following, and what do others see in me?’ and determine to be those willing to learn from the best in order to reproduce in others the very things we desire to see in ourselves.

Of course, this is a life-long process. And as such the biggest mistake we can make is to measure our worth by the degree of success we experience.

Instead, in knowing that we reproduce what we are, we ought to focus our attention on being ourselves, and being increasingly more intentional about taking responsibility for who we are.

If doing so will have significant impact in all areas of our lives, what more motivation do we need?

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