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Husbands, being truthful to your wife is important for the health of your marriage — but there are just some things that are best left unsaid!


As a husband, there are a number of comments you shouldn’t say to your wife.

This short video humorously illustrates the point that to maintain a strong and healthy relationship, there are certain remarks that you should avoid at all costs.

In addition to the questions expressed in the video, to maintain marital bliss, you’d better avert expressing the following too:

#1. You shouldn’t say, “Have you put on weight?”

Sadly, in an era of skinny models, airbrushed photos and negative body obsession, appearance related insecurities are common in women (and men of course).

Because of this you need to avoid questions that could suggest a dissatisfaction of your wife’s appearance, as there’s every chance that she’ll misread you and feel upset.

Remember, one of your primary responsibilities as a husband, is to affirm your wife’s sense of worth and help increase her confidence.

Making insensitive remarks about her weight, or other aspects of her physical appearance, won’t help.

#2. You shouldn’t say, “I’ll be late home for dinner.”

Of course there’ll be occasions when you need to work late to complete a project or meet a deadline. Any rational thinking wife will understand this.

However, developing a habit of giving insufficient notice of late working hours shows little consideration of her efforts to meet your needs — the meals she prepares for you being just one example.

A consistent failure to consider her efforts communicates one thing; a lack of appreciation and value.

As an aside, if you find you’re having to regularly to say you’re running late, you might need to consider if you’re doing too much and putting your health and your marriage at risk.

#3. You shouldn’t say, “My mum always did it like…”

Oops! This is a big mistake.

Firstly, you didn’t marry your mum! Secondly, that would be illegal. Thirdly, your wife won’t appreciate being compared to anyone, least of all your mother.

If you want to encourage healthy in-law relationships, which of course you do, any comparative inferences that question your wife’s way of doing things will mess thing up.

How would you feel about being compared to a father-in-law that does everything better than you?

There you go!


Husbands, have you ever been guilty of saying anything to your wife that you later regretted? Wives, have you ever been on the receiving end of unhelpful remarks from your husband, and if so, what would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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