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What’s the key ingredient to achieving your wildly important goals and seeing the changes you want in life?

Taking action

Action is the most important step to achieving your goals. You can have the best plans in the world, but without taking any daily, weekly and monthly action, you won’t achieve a thing.

When was the last time you planned to lose weight so you could feel more confident? When was the last time you planned to get a new job because you were unsatisfied in your current role?

When was the last time you planned to spend more time with your children? When was the last time you planned to start a course and invest in your personal development?

These are all good things to plan for, but without taking action, they’re simply good intentions. And intentions without actions are meaningless.

To achieve your goals, just get started

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Zig Ziglar

I love this. It’s the idea that it all it takes to become a better version of yourself is a commitment to action. A decision to act — to start doing something that you’re not already doing, in order to get the results that you’re not already getting.

Wishing to lose weight? Simply identify the actions needed to make it a reality and do them. Walk to work three times a week. Do five 30 minute workouts a week. Decrease your daily calorie intake by X amount.

Unhappy in your current role and want a new job? Update your CV, complete two applications a week, send one speculative letter a week.

Want to improve your finances? Reduce how much you spend on take aways, cook enough food for lunch the following day, get a better deal by switching energy suppliers.

Simply by taking these or similar actions, you’ll position yourself to start moving in the direction of achieving your goals and seeing changes in the areas that matter most.

The battle with fear

Sometimes, the thing that stops us from taking action is fear. Fear of judgement. Fear of failing. And even a fear of success. I’ve struggled with fear and have procrastinated about doing things that I believe are part of my life purpose.

Allowing fear to have a vice like grip on me, I’ve let years pass me by. But I’m learning that it doesn’t have to remain that way. I can choose to strip fear of it’s power.

By changing from a fixed to a growth mindset, getting clear on my core values, setting goals that align with my values, and by taking action — I’ve seen progress.

And you can do the same. By simply deciding that you want change, you’ll set things in motion towards the changes you want to see.

Watch the video

This video is the last in a short series of videos where I’ve been sharing four things that I believe helped me to achieve more last year.

In the first video I shared 4 Steps to Changing a Fixed Mindset Into a Growth Mindset. In the second I gave 3 Steps to Deciding What You Want in Life, and in the third I gave a simple four step process to Setting Goals That You’ll Stay Motivated to Achieve.

The previous videos helped you to see where shifting from a fixed to a growth mindset, knowing what you want, and having a plan, are all key to accomplishing your goals. This final video highlights what I believe to be the most important ingredient of all. Action!

You can watch the video here:

Questions: What’s stopping you from doing the thing that’s been on your heart for months, years, or even decades? What’s at stake if you don’t get started?

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