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Routine helps with life management. Having a plan then, is vitally important to maintain health, focus, and productivity.

The Importance of Routine (Whilst in New York)
I appreciate opportunities to travel, as it’s something I’d always wanted to do as a child. So visiting the Big Apple with Mel for the next few days excites me. However, without being intentional, being away from home, could impact my daily routine.

Expectations and journey

Having arrived around midday Thursday, at first glance, New York was almost everything I’d expected it to be — big, busy, and grey! I’d anticipated bright lights, but overcast would be more accurate a description. I’m certain an evening walk will remedy my disappointment.

Our flight from London Heathrow was good. We read, napped, and watched an on-flight film. Mel was in hysterics at a comedy she was watching — I love to see her laugh!

We landed safely — obviously! — before boarding an Air Train that took us from JFK Airport to Grand Central Station (via the subway). Having watched so many films where scenes had been shot at these locations, it felt surreal.

After walking — what felt like — several miles in the wrong direction, we finally arrived at our hotel to a room with not one, but TWO flat screen TV’s. I can only assume that guests like to watch multiple channels at once!

Not for me, thanks. My short channel hop exposed me to nothing but rubbish — or should I say — garbage. Though I’ll give another attempt at discovering something, lets say, more interesting, my next couch visit will most likely be characterised by me sitting with a book in hand.

Keeping to routine (where possible!)

Knowing that simple changes to my daily routine can derail me, I’ve learnt to be intentional about preparing for them in advance. As such, I’ve put the following five things in place during our short stay:

  1. Connecting with our children. Our relationship with our children is important to us. We want them to know they’re loved, valued and thought of. Daily emails to encourage, express love, and update them on what we’re doing, in addition to a Skype call, is on our list of priorities.
  2. Sharing meals. Our health is important to us, so having been warned about the food portions served, we’ve determined to share meals and buy more if needed — we’ll also treat ourselves, I’m sure!
  3. Exercise. Maintaining a good level of fitness helps keep me energized, alert, more in control of stress, and motivated, so I’ve brought our Gymboss to ensure we’re able to do some High-Intensity workouts.
  4. Time to write my journal. Journalling, a discipline I practised years ago, is one that I’ve picked up again more recently. Not dissimilar to blogging, I find it helps me to gain clarity of my thoughts, feelings, and make more sense of my world. And, before you say anything, it’s not for girls!
  5. Time to read. Reading helps me relax and exposes me to a greater understanding of things internal, external, and from other perspectives.

Let the day begin (well, continue)

Today we’ll enjoy the first of two bus tours around this city, which we’re really excited about. I plan on being a truly bona-fide tourist with camera in hand.

Your thoughts

Have you ever been to New York? Where would you recommend we visit during our short stay?

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