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Want to be effective? Hoping to develop your ability to nurture and help others to reach their potential? Of course you do, who wouldn’t?


Well there’s good news. Those already achieving success do so because they’ve learnt to utilise skills that you too can learn and use.

With each of them, what we see when looking beyond the surface, is that the degree to which they experience success is influenced — among other things — by their willingness to enhance these four important ‘success’ elements.

A. Leaders who experience success are ACCOUNTABLE

Successful individuals are accountable. They intentionally give others permission to ask them difficult questions. Being willing to have people ask you questions that challenge your decisions, motivations, rationale and even your abilities, is essential to your growth. It’s also key to your success.

Don’t simply surround yourself with people who will say ‘yes’ to your every idea, or who are happy to succumb to your persuasive or driven tendencies. Sometimes, people who make you feel a little uncomfortable are necessary if it means you’re able to consider things from perspectives that you may have ordinarily missed.

It could actually be what you need.

B. Leaders who experience success are BOLD

Successful people are good at responding to set backs. They’re wired in such a way that the concept of failing isn’t one that dejects, but one that drives them to be more determined.

When you encounter one of life’s inevitable knocks and find yourself on the ground, don’t stay there. It’s okay to look at the cuts and bruises in order to determine the extent of any damage, but you need to soon make a choice about whether to stay floored, or get back up and start again.

Achievers are admired for their ability to take the blows and bounce back swinging.

C. Leaders who experience success are CONSISTENT

Successful individuals are consistent. Generally, people don’t respond well to others whose approach to them changes like the weather. So being consistent in how you relate to others is key to providing security and building trust.

Those around you aren’t just interested in helping you to reach your goals, they want to know that you value them too. Being consistent in how you interact with them then, is vitally important. Smiling and high-fiving one day, and totally ignoring them the next sends the wrong message — that either you’re too important, or that they’re of little value.

Neither is a message you’d want to communicate if you want to increase the chances of success.

D. Leaders who experience success are DISCIPLINED

To experience success in any area of life – discipline is essential. Identifying discipline as an integral part of your ability to succeed is the easy part. Putting it into practice is far more challenging, as it is by far the most difficult of the 4 elements we’re considering.

Being disciplined will put you ahead of others who aren’t. For if discipline were easy, then everybody would be successful. Discipline means possessing an ability to do the fundamentals towards your goals in a regular and consistent way.

Every successful individual has learnt that with discipline comes reward. Whether its sticking to an exercise routine, eating healthily, reading for personal development, praying, meditating, or scheduling time with family and friends; discipline proves effective.

Successful people understand that discipline is key to gaining their desired results and have learnt to develop the traits that enhance their chances of success.

What does this mean? It means that disciplined investment in your own personal and professional development is key to your chances of successfully reaching your desired goals.

So there you have it, four fundamental elements that all successful people have.

Over to you

Can you think of any more? If so, what would you add to the list? Which of them do you need to develop, and what are you going to do about it?

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