Pornography saturates the internet at alarming levels. So much so, that when I was doing a legitimate search for parenting tips, I was shocked to find myself landing on a porn site.

Your success in life is dependent on a number of factors. But there’s one thing that guarantees every time to increase the likelihood of you reaching your personal and professional goals.

Being a dad is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging, responsibilities in the world. In this post I look at seven attributes, that when developed, will help you to be the best dad you can be.

During the course of life we’re always learning. But how we approach our learning makes all the difference to who we become. The idea of lifelong learning has been batted around for over a decade. It’s described as being the ongoing, ‘voluntary, and self motivated pursuit of knowledge’ for the purposes of furthering personal andRead More

When asking friends about the benefits of giving affirmation, they can list them. Yet, when asked how good they are at giving affirmation, they confess to not being as good as they ‘ought to be’. To give affirmation is to positively assert approval of someone or something. Our affirmation can be given in recognition ofRead More