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Beautiful, fresh and colourful are just three words I would use to describe soul performer Shivon Bailey.

She would be more modest in describing herself, and this is precisely why the 23-year-old from South East London is worth writing about.

Her EP entitled ‘The Presentation’ gives just a glimpse of her soulful tones, energy and songwriting abilities. Working closely with talented artists and producers SLR and GEMS, who creatively used samples from the old school, Shivon has presented a ‘good vibe’ with this EP that had my head bouncing.

What I like about Shivon goes beyond her music though. As captured well in tracks like Be Yourself and Good Times, she seeks to stir something in the listener that provokes thought and stimulates change.

This is just one reason why she will no doubt inspire a generation of young women seeking to determine their identity and find their place in the world.

The Presentation is available for download here and you can follow Shivon on Twitter at @shivonbailey.