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It’s the small, the little, the seemingly insignificant things, that matter, right?

The smile, the opening of the door, the willingness to pick up rubbish from the hallway floor, the polite “Thank you” to the cashier, the “I appreciate you” text to a friend or loved one — these are the things that really matter.

But though these little things matter, we too often chase what we’ve become convinced are the big things. The promotion, the upgrade, the Likes, the accolades, the kitchen extension, the car, the moment.

Sadly, these big things don’t last.

They come and they go, leaving us with the same needs we somehow convince ourselves they’ll meet. The excitement wanes, the upgrade is soon upgraded, the online attention becomes an addiction, and the highs are followed by lulls.

Contrastingly, a culmination of the little things that make a difference in the lives of others, are consequential enough to provide a lasting sense of gratification and well-being that can be neither measured or explained.

The small things we do can be likened to what is known as the butterfly effect — the idea that the flapping wings of a small butterfly in one location can influence a hurricane some weeks later on the other side of the globe.

What a powerful concept!

Imagine for a moment that your small acts of kindness, care and compassion — a small flap of your wings — could set in place a chain of events that impact a life or a nation. I think that’s enough to make anyone consider what they do from day to day.

So considering that, what small, what little, and seemingly insignificant things will you do today?

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