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How often have you set goals that you’ve not achieved? The answer for a lot of people would probably be “Too many!”

When set, the average person’s goals will go unachieved because they’re goals are either unclear, unchallenging, or inconsistent with their core values.

Over the years I’ve had many unaccomplished goals. The sense of frustration and disappointment even made me reconsider whether I should set them at all.

However, as a Performance Coach, I recognise the value and power of good goal setting, so have continued to persevere, and encourage my clients to do the same.

This video is the third in a short series of videos where I’m sharing four things that I believe have helped me to achieve more in life, which if applied can help you to do the same.

In the first video I shared 4 Steps to Changing a Fixed Mindset Into a Growth Mindset, as I believe this is an important shift to make before any lasting change can happen.

For the second I gave 3 Steps to Deciding What You Want in Life, with the understanding that you need to be clear on where you’re heading before starting a journey.

In this third video I share four steps to setting goals that you’ll actually stay motivated to achieve.

Here’s a summary:

Step 1. Make them SMART

Though there are many interpretations for the acronym, for me it means, specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound.

Step 2. Write and display them

The act of writing your goals down will automatically make it more likely that you’ll achieve them. It will also give you something to measure your progress.

Step 3. Create an plan of action

Identifying a list of the most essential actions that’ll take you closer to achieving your goals, will give you the best chance of succeeding.

Step 4. Review them regularly

Looking at your goals often will help you to identify where you need to make improvements to your plan, learn new skills, ask for support, or exercise more self-discipline.

Keeping them front of mind will also help you to stay focused, motivated and committed to achieving them.

You can watch the video here.

Question: Which of the four steps do you need to give most attention to in order to create your ideal future?

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