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We all have to live with fear.

Its influence though varies from one to the next, as for each of us we respond to it in one of two ways – we embrace it, or we succumb to it.

I recently abseiled for the first time during a weekend away with our church youth group. As I climbed to the ladders top I grew increasingly more aware of both the height I was climbing and of how my fear was escalating.

As I reached the top and looked out across the skyline into the distance, the scale of the challenge – the impending descent – befell me.

“What an amazing view.” I said boldly. Yet I was afraid!

It was in that moment, as I made eye contact with the instructor responsible for harnessing me before I leapt, that I made a choice.

Though admittedly my decision was hugely influenced by pride – as there was a 14-year-old girl challenging me to a race – I did choose to acknowledge my fear and continue.

All of us have to live with fear. And equally, we all know that it’s our fear that can be the barrier preventing us from realising our dreams.

So when faced with our next challenge, whether that be descending from a 12 metre high wall, asking for a pay rise, or taking a step of faith towards pursuing a life-long goal, the choice is ours.

We either choose to acknowledge our fear and continue, or stop what we’re doing in response to it.

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