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I’m conducting a Reader Survey to help improve my blog. So, as a reader, I’m asking if you’d mind taking just two minutes to help me?

Reader Survey 2014

Though I’ve blogged for a while now, I’ve not yet conducted a survey of my readers to see who you are or what you find most interesting.

I know, shame on me, eh!

Many of you have given encouraging feedback over this time (on Facebook for example), and a number of you have subscribed to receive my posts by email.

Let me take this opportunity to say thanks for your support, it means a lot!

Making changes to my blog

I’m planning on making some changes to my blog, which may even mean taking it in a different direction — and I’m excited about the possibilities!

So, after listening to some helpful webinars and thoughts from professional bloggers like Michael Hyatt, and Jeff Goins, I thought it’d be good to first do a survey to get a better understanding of my readers.

Yes, that’s right, you.

Why am I doing the survey?

The aim of the reader survey is to:

  • Provide a snapshot of who you and the other readers are
  • Give me an idea about the kind of content you find most useful
  • Help me in deciding the changes to make that will serve you best

You can see why this short 2 minute reader survey is needed, right?

Your input is important for my survey

Because I aim to provide content that’s helpful and relevant to you, for my survey to be a success, I need your input.

In taking part you’ll help me to know what’s important to you; and this’ll help me with deciding what to offer you and other readers in the future, and to understand how I can make my blog most helpful to you.

The survey is short, anonymous, and will take less than 2 minutes. Seriously, it really will take just 2 minutes or less!

So, please, will you help me out?

“Yes, I’d love to help you out. Take me to the survey!”

Thanks in advance for your help. I appreciate it.

See you on my blog again soon. :)

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