Develop Habits That Increase Productivity


Time to think reflectively, creatively, and strategically is a significant challenge when balancing work and family commitments.


Tony Schwartz, president and CEO of The Energy Project, gives a helpful presentation of practices (rituals), that we can develop in order to accomplish our goals without losing our minds.

He says,

“A ritual consciously created is an expression of fierce intention. Nothing less will do in these demanding and complex times if determined to take control of your life.”Tony Schwartz

In his presentation, he explains that developing these specific habits — or behaviours — and practising them at precise times, results in them becoming automatic and less energy depleting.

The four habits he invites us to consider are as follows:

Habit #1. Keep a set bedtime

Having a regular pattern of sleep, a consistent number of hours sleep a day, ensures we have enough energy for being productive.

Habit #2. Prioritise one key task a day

In aiming to accomplish one key task a day, at the time of day when we have the most energy and the least distractions, ensures we produce more efficiently.

Habit #3. List new ideas and tasks throughout the day

Making a list of things that pop into our heads or brought to our attention throughout the day prevents us feeling preoccupied with a list of things to do, that will not only distract us, but become an invisible burden.

Habit #4. Question yourself when triggered

Reflective practice aimed at identifying what we’re communicating, and a willingness to make changes, will not only model integrity, but will ensure our relationships with others remains intact.

Watch the video here and share your comments below.

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  1. That is so helpful and some excellent advice. Thanks Nick

    • Nicholas at

      Glad you found it hepful Bill. Thanks for your comment.

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