8 Steps to Getting the Most From Reading the Bible


Are you reading and getting as much from the Bible as you’d like? The challenge for many Christians is the same – having a consistent Bible reading approach that leads to growth and maturity.

J. C. Ryle, in his book ‘Practical Religion’ gives some helpful tips.

#1. Begin reading your Bible this very day.

Simply put, Ryle says the most profitable approach is to just do it! Start. Don’t wait. Take the holy book and resolve to read it. Today. And then everyday.

#2. Read the Bible with an earnest desire to understand it.

Rather than it becoming a daily ‘task’ to cross off our tick list, Ryle says that when reading the Bible, the most important thing is gaining understanding. Quality of understanding, as opposed to quantity of reading, is key.

#3. Read the Bible with child-like faith and humility.

Approaching the Bible with a determination to believe it ‘as is’, as opposed to questioning its content with cynicism or doubt shaped by our own prejudices, is most essential when reading the Bible.

#4. Read the Bible in a spirit of obedience and self-application.

To give consideration to how each verse applies to our daily lives – our attitudes, choices and behaviour – along with a willingness to put into practice that which is brought to our understanding, should be the intent of every reader of God’s word.

#5. Read the Bible daily.

Fresh revelation, insight, knowledge and provocation from God’s word comes to readers who resolve to search out God’s wisdom daily, with diligence, consistency and care.

#6. Read all of the Bible — and read it in an orderly way.

Reading scripture systematically, and in its entirety, gives us a right and complete perspective of God. With this comes an understanding of his word, its meanings, and how we are to rightly apply it.

#7. Read the Bible fairly and honestly.

Accepting the word of God ‘as is’, without being subject to either our own views, or the forced interpretations of others, should be our approach to determining what each verse means.

#8. Read the Bible with Christ continually in view.

In all our reading, seek to identify how Jesus Christ is revealed. And I would add, allow fresh revelation from God’s word to compel you to worship the saviour!

Read Erik Kowalker’s full post for more from these tips from J. C. Ryle.

  • http://mrthekidd.wordpress.com MrTheKidd

    A handful of helpful tips there. I’ve taken to writing out whole chunks and then reading it back, it helps me to get a proper feel of the words as they form on the page. Thanks Nick, more gold to enjoy.

    • Nicholas

      A good approach Bill.

      Although I haven’t for a little while now, I used to do that quite a bit.

      An exercise well worth doing…


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  • http://www.preaching.com/resources/preaching-online/11661063/ sermon preparation

    Thank you for sharing these tips. I will try these out. I already struggle with reading the Bible everyday. I will take this post as encouragement.