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Do you love adventure and get excited at the thrill of a new challenge?

We all love great exploits and throughout our lives have thrived on them.

Whether travelling along the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz, or training with Rocky Balboa before his bloody bout with Apollo Creed, the idea of overcoming obstacles to reach a destination or dream appeals to all leaders.

We long for adventure. We long for significance. We long for purpose.

Leaders help others to dream

Knowing this, effective leaders are those who inspire us to look beyond the precipice of life’s challenges; to say, ‘Why not?!’ and give it a go.

They’re the men and women who win our hearts – hearts that pulsate for adventure, significance and purpose.

In articulating a vision, great leaders help us reach beyond the realms of cinematic fiction and take hold of the things that bring meaning into our reality.

They offer us an invitation to dream (again) and to be part of something beyond ourselves.

Leaders help others to succeed

But effective leaders do more than that. They also ask for, receive, and most importantly, value the contribution of those they lead.

The greatest leaders are team players who are driven by a desire to see others reach their leadership potential also – to excel them even.

Leaders who look beyond their own interests and seek to engage in, inspire and motivate others towards their goals and dreams too, will endear trust, respect and the love of those around them.

And ultimately, they, and those they lead, will know leadership success and the realisation of their dreams.

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