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As a leader, how can you communicate the value you place on those you lead? By honouring them.

Everybody you lead should know that they’re valued. As a leader, you must take the lead in ensuring that your people know they have a contribution to make to you, your organisation, and to your mission.

There are a number of ways you can do this. For example, offering more interesting or challenging responsibilities, flexible working hours, or opportunities to attend training, conferences and other events.

As a leader, however you choose to communicate that you value those you lead, honouring them should be your aim, as honouring others gets beneath the surface and touches the heart.

In your commitment to honour those you’re privileged to lead, you should consider being sincere, personal, specific, and public. Let’s look at each in a bit more detail.

Be sincere

When you communicate the value someone you lead adds to your organisation, speaking from the heart strengthens the power of your words. By taking the time to reflect on how they make a difference, you’ll be better able to share from your heart how valuable they are.

Be personal

As a leader, when willing to show vulnerability, you’ll connect on an emotional level with those in your team. Within your leadership role, connecting like this adds weight to the impact of what you say, helping them to see their value to you and those around them.

Be specific

As a leader, when coaching and mentoring others, providing specific and evidence based feedback, helps to raise their awareness of what they do well, and where suitable change might be needed. Giving clear feedback is an important aspect of your leadership responsibility.

Be public

Those you lead will recognise the value you place on them when you honour them publicly. Giving public recognition and praise also reinforces the message that using their talents to contribute to the organisations’ mission, is noteworthy. Others will then follow.

As a leader, when you commit to honouring those you lead, their sense of worth grows, the perception that others have of them changes, and you’re ability to harness the potential of your team increases.


Who can you identify as doing something noteworthy, and how could you honour them in the coming days?

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