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Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity to express gratitude for our loved ones and spouses.

It's Valentine's Day: What's Most Special About Your Spouse?

It may not be for everyone, but Mel and I have always tried to mark the day for ourselves and our four children. It hasn’t necessarily been anything grand, but we’ve done something.

Admittedly, Mel is better at marking the day than I am, but that’d be true of most occasions in the calender year, including birthdays and anniversaries.

However, having been married for almost 18 years, and knowing each other for over twenty five, Valentine’s Day helps me to remember that she continues to be my best friend, confidant, and trusted companion.

So, though she’ll probably kill me for doing this (see #8), here are just ten things that I find most special about her:

#1. She’s generous

Mel has always been someone who thinks of ways to give to others. Whether through a physical gift or a text, email, telephone conversation, or a listening ear over a cup of tea, she is the most generous and giving person I know.

#2. She’s loyal

Over the years I’ve admired Mel’s loyalty. Her consistent commitment to others astounds me. This is a strength of hers that sets her apart from many people I’ve known.

#3. She’s honest

This one has often stung me, but it’s true. Mel, in her commitment to the relationships she values, is open about what she thinks and will share lovingly where she detects something that could be detrimental to someone’s well-being.

#4. She’s funny

As I write this I chuckle! Why? Because I picture Mel sharing one of her classic one liners, getting tongue tied, or keeling over with laughter by the kettle at one of her own jokes.

#5. She’s forgiving

With the challenges of life and family we’ve had many disagreements. Yet Mel has proven to be a person who forgives quickly and holds no grudges. This has had a remarkable impact on our relationship and the relationships with our children.

#6. She’s an encourager

Mel loves to see people make progress. And anything I’ve done that has had any degree of success, has been largely down to Mel’s constant support and encouragement. She is a remarkable cheerleader and believer in people’s ability to achieve.

#7. She’s a great listener

There are times when I need to process externally. Days when my journal just isn’t enough. On those days, Mel is able to provide me with a space that is both safe and accepting. I know our children benefit hugely from this too.

#8. She’s humble and unassuming

Though one of the most gifted, warm and beautiful people I know, she prefers to stay out of the limelight.

#9. She’s resilient

I’ve seen Mel stand strong in the face of adversity. Yet despite any challenges, she remained true to herself and continued to give to those around her. Her resilience is a wonderful attribute of her character.

#10. She loves God

This is by far her best attribute and the one that most attracts me to her. As her husband, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing first hand her increasing love for God. And with each passing day I see this growing love blossoming in and through her.

#10.1. She’s beautiful (notice how I slipped that one in?) :D

Need I say any more? Well, okay then — I think she’s hot! And the more she develops in character, the more beautiful she becomes. I’m blessed!

Over to you

How about you? What is most special about your spouse or loved one? And more importantly, when did you last tell them?

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