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Vulnerability is something we all find, let’s say, uncomfortable. But, an openness to question self, leads to increased awareness, growth and effectiveness.


After all, what will people say? And, what will their opinion of us be if they knew what we really thought about a particular thing? As a result, rather than speaking our mind, we play safe. We settle. We appease.

I’ve learnt that being uncomfortable often results in the most growth, as it’s in the discomfort that we ask the most questions. And it’s questions – the right ones – that lead to us becoming more self-aware.

Values and motivation

Questions of motivation and drive, and belief and purpose, compel you to look deep within, examining everything you commit to do and profess to be. It’s in these questions that you discover yourself and the things you like, dislike, and value.

It’s through exploration of these questions that you begin to see your intrinsic value not as being dependent on what you do, but on who you are. It’s the questions in the midst of your discomfort that set you on course to liberation from your negative beliefs and incongruence.

For the questions that you most fear to ask, are often the very ones that reveal the answers you most need to hear.

Your thoughts…

What questions are you asking yourself?

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