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It’s important that we have people of influence who are there to advise, challenge and encourage us. People we can trust who are on our side.

Individualism-is-a-killer!We all need people. Our own personal strike force team — with good hearts, character and wisdom. Individuals who want to see us do well, reach our potential, and become who we’re destined to be.

Those we feel safe with who don’t judge, condescend or patronise us.

To think otherwise would be naive — bordering on delusional — erring on the side of arrogance.

Foolish even. Why? Because its impossible to reach our dreams without other people.

Isolation suffocates inspiration and kills potential.

Individualism* is a killer

Having searched high and low, we’ll find there are no ‘lone’ heroes because nobody makes it through life without the input of others; family, friends, and mentors. And that’s the way its meant to be, as we’re not meant to be able to take full credit for anything we achieve.

Can you imagine what we’d be like if we could?

The need for other people’s input is good for us. Having to share the praise of others with those who’ve helped us along the way keeps us grounded — humble — grateful. Its important!

Besides, if we were able to accomplish things independent of others, those with us in moments of celebration would neither know or appreciate the real value of what they’re celebrating — our victory against the killer that is individualism.

I’d like to know your thoughts

Can you identify those in your own personal strike force? Are there people you’d like to invite to influence and encourage you towards your goals and dreams?

*the pursuit of individual rather than common or collective interests; egoism.

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