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As you start the New Year, how could developing a growth mindset help you to achieve more?

This is a popular time of the year for setting resolutions and having good intentions to get things done.

Lots of people make exciting plans, but find that their energy wanes within just a few weeks. I’ve had similar challenge over the years, and have experienced frustration, burnout, and disappointment as a result.

Last year I took a different approach, which resulted in me achieving six out of seven of my goals. Among other things, this began by giving more attention to the way I think.

This led to me starting to develop a growth mindset, the name given by Psychologist Carol Dweck to the idea that intelligence can improve and that effort leads to success.

This video is part of a short series where I talk about approaches to life that I believe have helped me to achieve more. Developing a growth mindset is one of them.

In the video I share four steps to changing a fixed mindset into a growth mindset, so that you can achieve more in life too.

Here’s a summary:

Step one — Learn to recognise your fixed mindset voice
Step two — Understand that you choose the voice you listen to
Step three — Challenge and replace your fixed mindset voice
Step four — Be patient with yourself and keep at it

You can watch the video here:

Question: In what ways has a fixed or growth mindset affected your life accomplishments so far?

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