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I stepped outside of my comfort zone the other week by conducting my first ever reader survey.

What I Learned From My First Ever Reader Survey

The survey results were helpful, so in this blog I’d like to say thanks to all who took the time to support me, and also share some of my findings.

With no idea what the results would tell me, it was a challenge to put myself out there and see what you, my readers, had to say. Overall though, your feedback was encouraging and insightful.

But despite my insecurities, the ‘Why?’ behind doing the survey was most important: being able to make decisions about the direction of my blog in the future.

So, as it was my first survey, I tried to keep it as easy and specific as possible with only ten questions. And this is why it would’ve taken no more than two minutes to complete.

In fact, the fastest completion time was exactly one minute! You can take a guess as to whether it was a male or female, can’t you?! :)

Survey findings were helpful

Anyway, the survey has been helpful in giving me a snapshot of who my readers are, what’s most important to you, and what you’d find it helpful for me to write more about.

So for those interested, in this post I want to share some of the findings of the survey and summarise some of my conclusions.

Summary of survey findings

In summary, my reader survey told me this.

Insights about my readers

  • Readership by gender was 50% male, 50% female. Nice!
  • The majority of my readers surveyed (50%) were between the ages of 31-40 years. The second largest group were between 41-50 years (25%).
  • Those between 18-30 made up less than 7% of my readership, with those over 50 years being around 18%.
  • Almost 64% of those surveyed were married, with approximately 30% being either single or co-habiting. Just 6% of readers would categorise themselves as having been divorced.
  • The biggest challenges readers faced at the time of survey were ‘not having enough money’, ‘not having enough inspiration’, and ‘not having enough time’.
  • Almost 60% of readers found insufficient finances a big life challenge.

Insights about my blog

  • Over 70% of my readers first came across my blog via Facebook. With the remaining readers having been introduced to my blog through recommendation. No first time readers came via Twitter.
  • Approximately 70% of my readers have read my blog for less than a year, with the remaining 30% showing a commitment for over two years.
  • Most surveyed (50%) said they read my blog ‘usually’ with almost 30% saying they ‘always’ read it, about 15% saying ‘occasionally, and a small percentage reading ‘rarely’.
  • With regard to the topics I address, over 70% of those surveyed said they’d like me to write more about my faith, and in particular, the application of my faith through life challenges.
  • Other topics to cover included productivity, which came second, followed by social media and marriage.
  • Over 70% of readers said that the frequency of my posts were ‘just about right’.
  • More than 80% of those surveyed would recommend my blog to others. :)

Some of my blog reader survey conclusions

As mentioned, these insights have proven helpful to me, and though I’ve not yet determined the direction my blog will continue in just yet, as a result of these findings and comments, I’ve concluded the following:

#1. I’m reaching those at a similar stage of life – I too fall into the 31-40 years age range; the demographic of the majority of my readers (50%). The next group were 41-50 years (25%), so I’m connecting with both.

#2. Female readers engage more than men – the gender split of my readers surprised me (50/50). I wrongly assumed that the majority of readers would’ve been female due to the level of their engagement elsewhere on Facebook and comments.

#3. Write more about my faith – though I want my blog to be accessible to all, which is why I’ve not used it as a platform from which to ‘preach’, I’ll start to share more about the role my faith has in helping me through some of life’s challenges.

#4. There’s no pressure to publish more – having thought considerably about more frequent posts, hearing my readers say that the frequency is ‘just about right’ (over 70%), I can breath easy. Phew!

#5. Be encouraged to keep giving – the purpose of my blog is to inspire, encourage, and help others to take more control of their lives. Reviewing the results and reading some of your comments has helped to affirm that I’m adding value.

Having received your feedback, I’m now better positioned to write content that is most useful to you, and will also be able to make changes that will serve you best.

Again, thank you for your support – it means a lot!

Over to you

What else would you say the survey results say about my blog, and would you have added anything else?

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