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Asking the right questions awakens your ability to think rationally in every situation.


Rational thinking elicits better responses to life events and limits your ability to sabotage your chances of success, as a consequence of toxic thoughts related to your past.

“Live out of your imagination, not your history.’ Stephen Covey

When faced with a situation where similar previous experiences resulted in negative outcomes, if unchallenged, your irrational brain may convince you that a similar outcome is inevitable.

As a result, you could choose not to engage in the newly presented opportunity through fear of experiencing again, the negative emotions attached to the previous event.

Creating a different outcome

Engaging your rational brain however, makes you more likely to approach situations differently, boosting the chances of experiencing an alternative and more desirable outcome.

Learning to stimulate and engage your rational brain increases the likelihood of successfully reaching your goals, making learning to recognise its nemesis so important a responsibility.

And when you do, simply asking, ‘Is that true?’ is as good an offence question as any. So go ahead and engage!

For more helpful insight on your irrational brain watch this short video by Seth Godin.

Over to you…

What new situations have you avoided as a result of negative past experiences?

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