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Success and failure are intertwined. We can’t experience one without the other. Yet, our understanding of each makes all the difference to our responses to them.

Crippled-by-Success,-Crippled-by-Failure-Both success and failure have the potential to derail us unless we define what each means to us and keep them in perspective.

Failure is not inevitable and the fear of failure cripples

Learning to recognise what stops us from taking steps towards our goals helps unlock our potential to accomplish them, and a deliberate grappling with the things that hinder us is a necessary component for success.

Success is not inevitable and presumption cripples

In a culture that tricks us into thinking that with celebrity comes meaning, and that real success can be acquired overnight, failing to raise the value of diligence jeopardises — for those being deceived — the realisation of genuine achievement.

Our understanding of success and failure is key

Both success and failure can be detrimental to us if not clearly defined and measured in our own minds, or if misunderstood. So we need to define what each means for us if we want any chance of being content with progress.

Either way, success and our failures, are designed to build character and help us to work out what our unique contribution to the world and others is. So let’s not be crippled by either.

What do you think? How do you manage success? How do you cope with failure?

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