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Are you worried about coming last, or scared of being first? If you are, you shouldn’t be.

Come-last-or-be-first,-it-really-doesn't-matterThough fair to say that with both comes a small degree of trepidation, don’t be!

Of course nobody wants to come across the finishing line last. And equally, no-one is keen on being shot down for presenting a new idea that may prove a flop.

But rather than being apprehensive about either, be content with both, as they can each be treated as growth opportunities.

For there is no shame in coming last so long as you finish well and recognise that much is learnt from just being involved.

Similarly, in being the one who has the courage to be the first nutter to start something new, be confident that those who follow will be grateful whether you succeed or not!

Coming first or last doesn’t really matter at all. What really counts is how you handle your position and what you learn along the way.

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