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Want to introduce a new way of doing things? If you do, prepare for someone to be upset, because like it or not, the process of creating change is uncomfortable.

The process of change is uncomfortable. And for some, the idea of introducing a new way of doing things is more than they’re able or willing to handle.

Even if your suggested change will create a safer and more creative environment for people to thrive and succeed, there’ll be someone vying for their interpretation of ‘safety’ and ‘creativity’ to be heard.

Change is hard, because change is uncomfortable.

When time for change arrives, even those who’ve never suggested, let alone contributed to change prior to your suggestion, will raise their heads above the precipice demanding to be ‘valued’.

They’ll question everything, including your motives, competence and character, all in an attempt to negate or avoid any necessary change.

But don’t take it personally, it’s not their fault. Change is hard for everybody.

So, when venturing into the realm of change — though your aim is to help others — before setting sail, be honest with those on board and let them know that the voyage will be nothing short of uncomfortable.

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