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Ever worried about what people think of you? Do you find yourself holding back because others may disapprove of your views and opinions?

If so, I can relate. And it can be likened to wearing a straight jacket.

We can, if we’re not careful, place barriers around ourselves through fear of not being liked. In response we simply keep silent. Not wanting to rock the boat, we tow the line. Avoiding confrontation at all costs – even at the cost of being true to ourselves.

These invisible blockades have the potential to barricade us into a world of isolation. A place of lonely existence where unhelpful ‘voices’ become the final authority shaping our reality.

Here we find ourselves unable to function – suffocating. Hindered from reaching our potential. Restricted from living the life we’ve always wanted.

What we’ve always dreamed of. Always hoped for.

And though we continue to will ourselves to do better – and so we should – we still experience the highs and lows of these challenges frequently. Truth is, this battle will never go away. It’s one we’ll always live with.

We just become more resilient to it.

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