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As a child I remember running through fields, jumping across tables in the classroom, and leaping from one aparatus to the next in the hall. All of which I did without fear.

Sure I’d come home with the occasional cut or bruise, torn trouser leg, or scuffed jacket, but whilst running freely, these risks – or dangers – would never cross my mind, and they certainly had no impact on my decisions to jump.

In moving from childhood to adulthood we can often stop jumping. When faced with life’s uncertainties we can become reluctant to take steps outside of the known – instead settling for the familiar.

Watching my children at play is quite insightful. The freedom is evident, the joy abounding, and the contentment is enviable. But what I’ve found most significant is that joining in is so much more fun.

Running, hiding, rolling down hills, and leaping from one tree stump to another, actually releases me from the confinements of adulthood that so easily rob us from experiencing real adventure. Adventures found only in uncertainty.

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