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Ever tell yourself that you’ve nothing to contribute? Have you ever caught yourself saying that you’ve no ideas or that you’re not creative?

Any-ideas-Forget the lie.

Put to one side the common belief that you can’t generate ideas.

And please, do me a favour — don’t tell me that you’re not creative.

Spare me the ‘I can’t draw’ line.

Because we’re all creative.

We all have talent.

Each one of us have the ability to make and to shape.

It’s how we’re hard wired.

Okay, admittedly there’s varying degrees of creative excellence and craft.

But with time and practice we’re all capable of becoming better.

But the real issue isn’t that you’re not creative, is it?

The issue is that you’re unwilling to share.

You’re not prepared to ship.

You’re not prepared to fail.

Because having your ideas ridiculed, rejected, laughed at, or even considered as stupid, is too unbearable.


But that’s no reason to hold back.

That’s not a good enough excuse to refrain from giving.

Ridicule will always be a possibility, so too will rejection.

And that’s why being bound by fear is a waste of time.

It’s unacceptable.

Neither is it reason enough not to share.

It’s a wrong that needs overcoming at all cost.

So give your input and share your ideas.

Offer your contributions.

They’re needed — now.

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