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Thanks for stopping by and showing an interest in writing a guest post on my blog. This page will help you to decide if writing on this platform is right for you, and give you some guidelines to get you started if it is.

1. I write about personal development, wellbeing, leadership and relationships. Your post will need to fit comfortably into one of these categories. I’m not really into astrology, and neither are my readers… just saying!

2. As much as you might be tempted to write more, please keep your post to less than 1200 words. I normally go for between 500-800 words, but some posts can be as little as 300 words.

3. Include a three-sentence bio and a headshot that you’re happy with (if you want), as people like to put a face to the post, so that’s what I’d like to give them. Smile!

4. Give a link to your website and one social media profile where you’d like readers to connect with you.

5. Write in simple, reader friendly English. Nuff said! (Did I just do that?!)

6. Your post needs to be original and exclusive to Nicholas Ferguson dot org, not something you’ve dug up from a past online post.

7. Once published, please promote the post on your social media platforms and respond to any engagement.

8. If you have any Creative Commons photos that you’d like included in your post, please provide them or give the link to where you saw them. Pictures help!

9. Don’t be too precious about what you send, as I reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar, clarity etc. Damn, that sounded so legal…!

10. Write in Word and send as a Word document.

Speaking of legal…

11. If your post is published, the rights transfer to Nicholas Ferguson dot org.

12. This means that I can republish or use the post for other outlets. You will of course receive credit, but please don’t call the police to complain about not getting any money.

13. Once published, articles aren’t to be reproduced on any other websites.

14. Please send your orignial post as a Word document to:

By submitting your post, you agree to the above guidelines and conditions.

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