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Would you agree that success is relative — defined and understood differently from one person to the next? Of course! So when measuring success the questions we ask are important.

6-Powerful-Questions-to-Ask-When-Measuring-SuccessYour view of success is subjective, just as is mine. The measuring of success is shaped largely by our values, experiences and outlook on life.

For some, success is measured by achievement. For others, it’ll be linked to status, position, or the accumulation of wealth.

In knowing this, it’s important when looking at success, to first consider what’s actually being measured.

Though obvious, this is true nonetheless.

Real success goes beyond what we accumulate, our position or status, or how excellently we perform in any given task or chosen field.

I think success can be defined as being the best you can be, helping others to reach their potential, and working towards seeing every community become a place where everyone is free to flourish.

Definition and measuring success

To help you define success and determine how you measure it, set aside 5 minutes at the end of your day – starting today – to answer these 6 questions and consider how successful you’ve been:

  1. Have I shown my love to those I love, and if so, how?
  2. Have I offered help to someone worse off than myself?
  3. Have I positively affirmed and encouraged myself and others?
  4. Has my private life been consistent with my public exhibition of integrity?
  5. Have I assessed and challenged my thoughts towards others?
  6. Have I questioned my motivations for all of the above?

In answering these, there’s a chance that your definition of success will require re-evaluation.

Well, just possibly.

Over to you…

What is your opinion and how would you define success? Please share your answers in the comments below

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