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Mums, you merit appreciation and praise. Mothers with young children invest energy into their lives, and those whose kids have grown, continue to show love by offering advice, encouragement and affirmation when needed.

mother's day

Sadly, many of you feel unappreciated and unloved. Sometimes your expectations of what it means to be valued aren’t the reality you see. Tantrums and sulking don’t often communicate love, do they? This isn’t to say that you’re not loved; it’s just that the gap between your ideal and what you experience is different.

Lots of us – older children – have been guilty of reinforcing your sense of feeling unappreciated, simply by way of allowing life to take over and not giving as much energy into maintaining the relationships we have with you.

But regardless of your child’s commitment or consistency in communicating their love for you, mums, you can, and should, encourage yourselves. There’s no need to wait for your son or daughter to say the words you need to hear.

Instead, speaking these 50 personal affirmations will help you to grow more aware of the significant contribution you make to their lives.

Here they are:

  1. “I am loved by God.”
  2. “I show love to my child the best I know how.”
  3. “I raise my child to be interdependent.”
  4. “I teach my child good values.”
  5. “I encourage my child to take personal responsibility.”
  6. “I have fun with my child.”
  7. “I celebrate my success as a parent.”
  8. “I listen to my child.”
  9. “I give my child opportunities.”
  10. “I tell my child I love them everyday.”
  11. “I discipline my child when needed.”
  12. “I am a consistent presence in my child’s life.”
  13. “I encourage my child to love themselves.”
  14. “I teach my child to respect and value others.”
  15. “I affirm my child.”
  16. “I overcome difficulties and challenges.”
  17. “I ask for help and support when I need it.”
  18. “I teach my child the value of life.”
  19. “I teach my child life lessons.”
  20. “I have friends who encourage me.”
  21. “I laugh lots.”
  22. “I cry when I need to and accept that it’s okay.”
  23. “I show my child affection.”
  24. “I am generous with my time.”
  25. “I’m not controlled by my emotions – well, not always!”
  26. “I teach my child to persevere.”
  27. “I give my best when I feel tired.”
  28. “I own and apologize for my mistakes.”
  29. “I know and accept that I don’t need to be perfect.”
  30. “I look for ways to praise my child.”
  31. “I understand that my child sometimes thinks they “hate” me.”
  32. “I set a good example.”
  33. “I pick my battles wisely.”
  34. “I give my child cuddles and kisses.”
  35. “I inspire my child.”
  36. “I celebrate my child’s successes.”
  37. “I motivate my child.”
  38. “I know when to say nothing.”
  39. “I encourage my child to be their best.”
  40. “I am intentional about how I parent.”
  41. “I am patient with my child.”
  42. “I make decisions that I believe are for the well-being of my child.”
  43. “I am a better mother now than I’ve ever been.”
  44. “I know my child will appreciate me once they’re older – or have children of their own.”
  45. “I continue to love my child even when I don’t like them!”
  46. “I make a positive difference in my child’s life.”
  47. “I enjoy the appreciation my child shows me.”
  48. “I show my child how to be strong, yet vulnerable.”
  49. “I am good at receiving and doing things to treat myself.”
  50. “I am loved by my child.”

Saying these words today, and everyday, will help you in continuing to be the blessing you are to your children, and to those who see you as a mother figure.

Mothers, despite how you feel, you’re doing a great job. Keep on going.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Which of the personal affirmations do you need to say most to yourself? Which mum’s could you share them with? Leave your answers or a comment in the box below.

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