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We all have them. Days when everything seems to go wrong.

Someone’s finished the toilet roll and not replaced it. The printer is out of toner. The delivery we waited in all day for hasn’t arrived.

‘Why me?!’ we ask.

Here are some suggestions of things to do when all seems to be going pear-shaped and you’re having a bad day.

  1. Talk to a friend over lunch.
  2. Make someone else a cup of tea or coffee.
  3. Do the splits. This will soon put things into perspective if you’ve never done it before!
  4. Go to a store-room. Close the door and scream. Watch out for the staples!
  5. Make a list of what’s most important in life.
  6. Remember that all challenges work towards building good character.
  7. Sing very loudly, out of key, and out of tune.
  8. Repeat the alphabet 25 times.
  9. Do a cart-wheel in your manager’s office. Very liberating!
  10. Watch a funny video on YouTube or Vimeo

And remember… it could be worse!

I’d like to know your thoughts

Which of the above suggestions most appeals to you and why? What do you do when you have a bad day at work?

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